Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal

We love seeing clients both old and new for Ear-wax removal. Within 30 minutes our customers are leaving our clinics jumping for joy that they no longer feel blocked up and isolated and are able to hear clearly again.

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We offer ear wax removal for £60 per appointment. All wax removal is carried out by highly qualified and experienced audiologists who are qualified in endoscopic and microscopic micro-suction.

Micro-suction is universally recognised as the safest and most effective way of comfortably removing ear wax. No water is used in the procedure and minimal/if any oiling is required prior to your appointment.

The Appointment:

  • Your Audiologist will take a brief medical history to determine if you are suitable for ear wax removal.
  • Examination of your ears with a Video-otoscope to show exactly what has been causing your symptoms
  • We explain the procedure fully and talk you through each step. The wax is carefully removed using a very gentle suction, so all you will experience is a degree of sound from the suction and a slight tickle as the wax begins to move along the ear canal.
  • Once the wax is removed your audiologist will take another photo of the ear-canal to show you the result, talking you through the anatomy of the ear, anything that is observed, and how to manage your wax moving forward.

99% of our customers leave their 30 minute appointment elated; their ears feeling clear and hearing restored. Very occasionally you may be required to return for a follow-up appointment if the wax is particularly stubborn or any further pathology is suspected. These appointments are charged at £30 and it really is the exception that repeat appointments are required. We’ll make sure you’re armed with the best information on how to keep the wax at bay and how to monitor your need to come back in the future – if at all.

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