Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

There are hundreds of hearing aids on the market and at first glance the choice is a little overwhelming. Below we’ve taken to highlight a handful of hearing aid options from some of the best hearing aid manufacturers across the globe. We only use technology that’s proven reliable and gives great results. We’re not tied to using any one particular supplier and so you can be sure you’re going to receive recommendations based purely on what is best for your needs and desired results.

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Starting your hearing aid journey

There are a few routes to get you on your way to crystal-clear hearing again.

Firstly there’s the NHS route, pay a visit to your GP who will refer you to Audiology services either at your local hospital or to what’s known as an “Any Qualified Provider” (or AQP for short) who will provide you with your hearing test and hearing aids. Naturally this process takes some time and technology and appointments offered are sometimes restrictive.

Secondly there’s the private route whereby you can Self-refer to a high street provider or a small private practice such as ourselves.

Adagio Hearing is a premier independent hearing care provider across Hampshire and Surrey. We have made it our mission to deliver the absolute best in Independent Hearing Care in comfortable surroundings with prompt but relaxed service.

We’re here to support all of your hearing needs, whether it be wax removal, advice on how to protect your hearing, or hearing tests and subsequent assistance through hearing aids. When it comes to hearing aids we believe in offering cutting edge technology with great support and after care at a reasonable price; hearing packages, services, and pricing are entirely transparent with our aim always being to give customers access to the very best hearing they can achieve.

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