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Hearing Tests

The best place to start is with a FREE hearing screen, whereby we check key frequencies via audiometry. This will give both you and ourselves an indication as to whether there is an issue with your hearing and will determine whether further testing is required.

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Professional hearing tests.

Beyond the hearing screen is a full diagnostic hearing test. This will involve;

  • Taking a comprehensive medical history
  • A Video-Otoscope view of your ear drum and canal
  • A full Audiometric test of frequencies across 125Hz to 8 KHz (here we test what are known as Air-conduction thresholds and Bone-conduction thresholds to help determine whether there is a middle ear pathology responsible for the hearing loss).
  • We then go on to test your speech discrimination ability i.e. the impact your hearing loss is having on your ability to hear speech in quiet.
  • A speech-in-noise test which as the name suggests aims to determine how much difficulty your hearing loss causes when you are in more challenging environments. This test also gives us a handy indication as to how you may respond to assistance through hearing aids, should they be deemed appropriate.

We use this information to compile a detailed report and make a recommendation for managing your hearing. This might mean; referral to an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist, monitoring your hearing, protecting your hearing, or where appropriate, hearing aids.

Our Diagnostic Hearing Consultation and Assessment is £60.00 and is between 60 and 90 minutes long, depending on the findings.

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